Optimum fuel preparation and efficient combustion

Leaky nozzles can result in the incorrect fuel combustion and thus increased emissions. The exact roundness and surface finish of the injector valve seat is critical for the correct operation of the valves. Using the InfiniteFocus optical 3D surface measurement system, automotive manufacturers and suppliers can ensure that the injector nozzle valve seat is round and seals the valve correctly. This also applies to small valve opening angles and tolerances in the single digit micron range.

Optical measurement solutions
for the entire automotive process chain

Optical 3D surface metrology is not only used for verifying the quality of injector valves. The application spectrum for Alicona measuring systems covers the entire production and processing of components in the automotive sector. For example, the American automotive supplier and manufacturer of high-performance engines, Roush & Yates Racing Engines, uses Alicona for quality assurance of powertrain and suspension components such as crankshafts, camshafts, pistons and connecting rods. Most of these components have very different reflective properties, steep slopes and in part a deliberately large surface roughness. The surface of cams and connecting rods is roughened to improve the static friction, for example by means of laser patterning. To evaluate the laser structures, peaks must be measured and analyzed relative to the base.

Measurable parameters of the profile and areal based roughness measurements include the maximum and average peak height (GRs, GRm), the peak width GRb and the distance between the laser lines. A clear benefit of Alicona metrology is the large working distance, which allows users to measure the inner sides of connecting rods and cams. After configuring the measurement settings, the measurement and calculation of parameters is fully automated.

Further automotive applications cover

  • Measurement of micro gear
  • Detection of material fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance, surface defects, e.g. of coolers, in the micro and sub-micron range
  • Measurement of components in precision fabrication, precision engineering and drive technology
  • Surface characterization of brake pads, right up to residual contamination analysis
  • Measurement of large cast work pieces, whereby the measurement of the surface texture allows the evaluation of porosity