Video: Alicona Pick & Place

Automated placing and measurement

Alicona Pick & Place is an automation solution that makes it possible to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes. 
The system is based on the interaction between an administrator who pre-defines automation processes, the collaborative robot for the manipulation and placing of components as well as high-resolution optical 3D measurement technology. 


» Easy teach-in in 3 steps
» Option for closed loop process and ERP integration
» Pays for itself within 10 months

Teach-in of process in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: User defines project

Users can add a project and name it or alternatively choose an existing project.

Step 2: User defines pallets (First pallet, OK pallet, NOK pallet)

The user defines the sort method by which the measured parts are distinguished, e.g. OK/NOK measurement result. The first pallet and the pallets for the finished parts are determined as well as the number of columns and rows of each pallet.

Step 3: User defines automation process

The user determines the entire automation process via an easy-to use graphical interface, teaches the positions of the robot and selects the corresponding AutomationManager project.

Once the teach-in of the measurement process is defined, the automation mode is started and the process can be repeated for any number of components.

An intuitive color-coding shows the operator which parts of the first pallet have been measured as well as the result of the measurement (Grey: not yet measured, Blue: is currently being measured, Green: measured and OK, Red: measured and NOK).

Pick & Place can be implemented in various Alicona 3D measuring systems. Application areas are manifold and include the automated measurement of cutting tool inserts, drills and turbine blades.