Alicona Pick & Place


Alicona Pick & Place is a cost-efficient automation option that can be also applied to smaller production environments. Therefore an optical measurement system is connected with an automation interface and a pick-and-place robot.

Pick & Place allows users to teach-in an automated procedure, in which a robot picks up the part to be measured and automatically places it in the correct measuring position in the optical 3D measurement system. Using the connected automation software predefined measurement series at several positions are then automatically started. After the measurement is finished, the component is sorted by measurement results OK/NOK and put in the respective pallet by the robot.

Teach-In of process in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: User defines project

Users can add a project and name it or alternatively choose an existing project.

Step 2: User defines pallets (First pallet, OK pallet, NOK pallet)

The user defines the sort method by which the measured parts are distinguished, e.g. OK/NOK measurement result. The first pallet and the pallets for the finished parts are determined as well as the number of columns and rows of each pallet.

Step 3: User defines automation process

The user determines the entire automation process via an easy-to use graphical interface, teaches the positions of the robot and selects the corresponding AutomationManager project.

Once the teach-in of the measurement process is defined, the automation mode is started and the process can be repeated for any number of components.

An intuitive color-coding shows the operator which parts of the first pallet have been measured as well as the result of the measurement (Grey: not yet measured, Blue: is currently being measured, Green: measured and OK, Red: measured and NOK).

Pick & Place can be implemented in the measuring systems InfiniteFocusG5, InfiniteFocusSL, and the EdgeMaster series. Application areas are manifold and include the automated measurement of cutting tool inserts, drills and turbine blades.

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