Measure and detect tooth variations

Measure every single tooth flank

Full geometry measurement of micro gears

A new measurement module enables the measurement of all the teeth of a micro gear in one single measurement. Based on the cooperation with Frenco, international specialist for gearing technology, you can now measure deviations from the involute of a tooth flank. Amongst others, measurable parameters include form and slope deviations of both profile and helix, single and cumulative pitch deviations as well as runout error. In conjunction with a precision rotation unit you can achieve full geometry measurement of micro gears. This enables you to measure geometries such as tooth thickness, space width, and pitch diameter.

In contrast to conventional measurement techniques, the optical and area-based technology of Focus-Variation allows for the measurement of all tooth flanks of a micro gear. Based on the largest deviation compared to the CAD dataset the relevant positions for the extraction of the profile and helix are easily defined. Thus the gearing engineer obtains revealing parameters about the maximum deviations of the manufactured gear.

Alicona and VDI: Pioneers of standardization

New standards in cutting edge measurement

The defined edge geometry of cutting tools is a crucial factor for the improvement of tool life and processing quality. In order to enhance the standardization of cutting edge measurement, Alicona is currently working on new standards with the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and partners in industry and research. Consequently, these standards are going to result in a global new EN ISO standard for cutting edge measurement.

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Video on the new automation software

Quality assurance starts in the design phase

As a leading supplier of automated measurement systems for the tooling industry, we have expanded our range of production-integrated measurement solutions. A new automation software gives the possibility to define the required measurement positions already in the CAD-file of a component. Workers in production then start the measurement by simply pressing a button, everything else is carried out automatically.

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Review Open House Paul Auer Surface Treatment and Alicona

Self-guided, automated cutting edge preparation

Between 04th April and 18th April, 2016 Paul Auer, specialist for surface treatment, and Alicona welcomed around 50 participants to an open house with live demonstrations in the AUER facilities in Mannheim, Germany. The visitors were able to see the self-adjusting, automated cutting edge preparation with integrated optical 3D metrology.

In a robot-based process the optical 3D measurement is carried out simultaneously with the edge preparation of the cutting edges. The new technology allows for a complete form measurement of drills, milling cutters and other threading tools. All relevant edge parameters are examined, among them the symmetric form factor K. In case of any deviations from the target geometry the correction of machine parameters is carried out automatically. Users benefit of an automated, exact machining of their workpieces as well as optimized processes without unclamping or manual rework.

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