Automatic micromeasurement in production

The AutomationManager enables the full automation of the whole measurement process – from the measurement itself until the evaluation of the measured micro-component. The new automation interface makes it possible to run the measurement systems without metrology knowledge; hence, the use in production gets feasible.

Once the worker has chosen the precision component to be measured, and started the measurement run via a single button, the rest is done automatically. The dimensional measurement even of high complex geometries with tight radii and angles is carried out entirely in the background. Those parameters, like angles, distances, roundness or flatness, and measurement position that have been programmed by an administrator in advance are measured. At the end of the measurement and evaluation run the worker receives the measurement report of the microstructure and –geometry of the component showing o.k. and not o.k. statements. This form of automation enables the continuous monitoring of the production process. The micro components are going to be inspected for dimensional accuracy at different stages of the production ensuring product quality and supporting an economical production process.

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