Meet us at GrindTec 2023

Optimize grinding processes with optical 3D metrology

March 7 - 10, 2022 | Messe Leipzig, Germany

Hall 5 | Booth E02


We are looking forward to meeting you in person at GrindTec 2023, international leading trade fair
for tool grinding and tool machining. We will be happy to present our optical 3D measuring systems and solutions live.


Trusted Innovation @ GrindTec 2023

Explore the new generation of InfiniteFocus 

Alicona InfiniteFocus | Dimensional accuracy & surface finish measurement

InfiniteFocus G6

Explore the new InfiniteFocusG6. It is an accurate, fast and universal optical 3D measuring instrument for tolerances in the µm and sub-µm range. Components are measured area-based and with high resolution independent of size, material, geometry, weight and surface finish. A number of proven and new features combine the functionalities of a roughness measuring system (Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz) with the characteristics of a coordinate measuring machine. 

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10 questions about the InfiniteFocus G6

You want to learn more about the new generation of InfiniteFocus G6? We have summarized the most important features for you in the following article. In this "10 questions about InfiniteFocus G6" you get answers to these and other questions:

  • Which technologies is the measuring system based on?
  • How fast is the new InfiniteFocus G6?
  • For which surfaces is InfiniteFocus G6 suitable?
  • How flexible is the measuring system?
  • Is the system also suitable for manufacturing?

March 17 - 10, 2022

Meet us at GrindTec in Leipzig, Germany
Hall 5 / Booth E02


There is even more to explore at GrindTec 2023

Modern production strategies with InfiniteFocus G6

InfiniteFocus G6 is ideal for the shop floor. The robust Focus-Variation technology and
the vibration-insensitive design ensure high-resolution and repeatable results, even directly next to the machine tool.

Wear Measurement Animation

wear measurement

Automatic Wear Measurement on Cutting Tools

The wear measurement is an extension of the Bruker Alicona measuring systems for optical cutting edge measurement. Users automatically measure differential parameters and wear parameters according to ISO 8688 (Tool Life Testing in Milling), such as flank wear.

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How optical 3D metrology can help to identify the correct tool & and machining parameters of cutting tools


Measurement on the shop floor: Fast and contactless

In this webinar, you will learn how selected customers such as Stepper, Element Six, Festo, Vitesco, Miltera and many more use Bruker Alicona measurement systems on the shop floor. You will also find out what manufacturing metrology requirements should be considered when selecting a measuring device.

OSG Tools
OSG Tooling Measurement Report

OSG Tooling Measurement Report

Measurement Report

Reliable tool quality control

Find out how international tool manufacturer OSG uses Bruker Alicona metrology to ensure high quality tool performance. To analyse the tools, the following parameters are measured:

  • edge radii of all four cutting edges at defined positions relative to the tip
  • profile roughness along one of the edges to identify chipping
  • surface roughness inside the flute

White Paper

Are your cutting tools competitive?

Users of drills and milling cutters often complain about edge defects, rapid wear, long machining times or unsatisfying results on the workpiece. In most of the cases, failures can be attributed to the tool’s incorrect surface finish or lack of know-how. The following white-paper shows how optical 3D measurement technology can help to identify ideal tool and machining parameters and thus meet customer requirements.

White Paper: Are your cutting tool competitive?