Achieve the highest medical product safety

Request your medical webinar recording and learn more about quality assurance in medical technology. See how optical 3D metrology is used in the manufacture of surgical instruments, implants and medical equipment. Presented applications include GD&T measurement and parametric inspection of bone screws and verification of stability and biocompatibility of implants.

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Webinar Recordings

Alicona regularly hosts webinars and live events on various topics in fields of optical 3D metrology. 
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3D inspection of gas turbines and rotational parts

Request our webinar recording and learn more about quality assurance of gas turbine engines, large components and complex rotational parts with optical 3D metrology. The presented solutions will be of interest to companies in the aerospace industry as well as to component suppliers into the gas turbine industry, such as shafts, gears and complex engineered parts.


Reduced reject rates, less leakage!

Optical 3D surface measurement enables the detection of deviations in geometry and surface quality at an early stage with an automated measurement procedure. In our webinar we demonstrate the high-resolution measurement of valve seat roundness, where deviations in roundness are capably measured down to the 1-2 micron tolerance range. This also applies to small opening angles (<45°) of the valve seat cone. We will also present how to measure and evaluate undulations (UPR) and surface texture of valve seats and sealing rings.


First part = Good part!
How to optimize manufacturing processes
with automated optical 3D metrology

Are you producing complex components with small tolerances? Are you searching for solutions for the intelligent production? See how to achieve repeatable and automated measurements of large and precision components. Learn more about the benefits of collaborative robots (cobots) and how to optimize your manufacturing processes with the production-integrated measurement of real components.


Furthering Justice With Optical 3D Metrology

In this webinar you will learn how to associate tools with specific toolmarks using high accuracy optical 3D metrology. Use Alicona metrology to verify surface topographies of toolmark impressions made by firearms and common hand tools like screw drivers, to easily measure land engraved areas of bullets and cartridges or striation patterns on chisels, to provide 3D data which is then processed with state-of-the-art statistical pattern recognition algorithms and to use the data in court settings to help court officers and juries approach a more objective verdict.

Edge Quality Cutting Tools Webinar


How to quickly detect edge chipping 
and optimize cutting edges of tools

Do not compromise when it comes to the quality assurance of your tools. In this webinar we present you the new features for automatic measurement and optimization of cutting edges. Look forward to a live presentation on fully automatic chipping measurement, tool roughness measurement with both profile and areal based parameters, MultiEdgeMeasurement (Measure multiple edges in only one measurement cycle) and measurement of angles in respect to the tool axis, among them clearance angle, wedge angle and rake angle.


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