For Alicona smart manufacturing is based on the interaction of machines and their operators. Our smart systems unite the measurement and machining process, allowing for automated measurements and the integration of advanced robotics. As a user you benefit from higher accuracy and speed of production. Additionally, it helps you to increase workplace efficiencies and worker safety.

Create modern production strategies with the new collaborative robot systems
by Alicona

In the age of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, flexible production strategies require intelligent interaction between humans and robots. See how collaborative systems are formed by robots and optical metrology. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation we offer flexible quality assurance for your production.

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Increase operability and independence of user influence

With the automation interface Automation Manager, measurement systems can be easily integrated into production. Measurements are carried out automatically in production without any measurement know-how. Therefore a measurement program is created by an administrator in a set-up step. The measuring program can then be switched to automatic mode by the operator, simply by pressing a button. 

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Automatic Edge Chipping Measurement

The fully automated cutting edge measurement system EdgeMasterX offers you a new feature: automatic edge chipping measurement helps you to verify the quality of inserts, drills, millers and other tap tools.With the EdgeMasterX you are able to measure various edge parameters at different positions on a tool to verify the desired edge preparation.

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