3D inspection of gas turbines and rotational parts

Request our webinar recording and  learn more about quality assurance of gas turbine engines, large components and complex rotational parts with optical 3D metrology. The presented solutions will be of interest to companies in the aerospace industry as well as to component suppliers into the gas turbine industry, such as shafts, gears and complex engineered parts.


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Find out how to automatically measure edge break, analyse minimum radius and prevent breakage.

Identify and quantify shape and depth of local surface defects, in production and repair and overhaul, in the µm-range.

Discover how optical metrology supports you in the replacement of honeycomb seals of gas turbine casings. The seal between the rotating parts (turbine blades) and stator elements (combustor) is created by grooves of the honeycomb structure and the tips of the turbines blades. In the course of the service life of a gas turbine those grooves can clog up and the seal needs to be replaced. With Alicona, the grooves of the used seals are measured optically and are then built up on new honeycomb seals by milling.

Learn how to meet Data Matrix quality requirements for parts marking in accordance with EN 9132 using optical 3D measurement methods.

Explore our collaborative systems (Cobots): The robot based measurement systems allow you to identify minimum radii of curvature on turbine discs and other large components.

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Request our application report and explore the various applications for turbine blade and turbine disc measurement with Alicona metrology.

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What our customers say:

Before, components could only be evaluated by the unaided eye of an expert. With Alicona local surface defects are automatically measured, so that shape and size of defects can be quantified in MRO and process development.

Pierre Courbun, Development Engineer at Metallicadour

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Download - manuell (EN)

Download - manuell (EN)