Determine slide characteristics of skis via roughness measurement


Atomic Portraet

Harald Scheikl, Head of test lab „Gliding“

“In the past, roughness and geometry of our skis were measured separately. Not only did we have to face complex sample preparation but also inadequate results. For example, when we had to measure larger areas, it was inevitably to do step by step measurements and put them together to a final area model afterwards. Today we measure both, roughness plus geometry with only one system. This helps us to even gain results of large measurement areas in an up to now not known quality!”

"We were looking for a suitable measurement device to measure both, edge geometry and surface roughness of our skis", Atomic states. Eventually the supplier of winter sports came across InfiniteFocus. Area based roughness measurements of the coat allow to draw conclusions about the slide characteristics of the skis. 

Measurement of skiing surface


InfiniteFocus for ensuring the proper tuning of coat and edge

While the surface is decisive for slide characteristics, the edge geometry guarantees turning compliancy and optimum edge grip. Information about the exact values of the grinded coating makes it possible to adapt production parameters to suit the according requirements even better.



Surface roughness and edge geometry

A grinding process gives the coating its surface roughness. Whether a result is correct, is easily determined by a “clean surface pattern”, as Atomic puts it. The result is also verified by the area based roughness measurement. Additionally, roughness measurement allows to draw conclusions on friction and thus on the ski's glide characteristics. Another main focus of quality assurance is the measurement of edge geometry. This includes various edge angles or angular distribution, edge roughness and the chipping at the edge’s point.

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